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BF About Us

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We started way back in 2009 as a Simple Machines Forum with a simple goal in mind; to link gamers like ourselves into a one stop spot for all of our needs. Our needs were simply defined as a place to find other like-minded gamers to socialize with and spend our time with so we could maximize our "fun effeciency(tm)"

I personally had some background with computers and websites so I figured I would step up to the plate. I quickly found many others who wanted to contribute and help this simple idea succeed. The website thrived and found lots of support while it started; remnants can still be found on google today!

Today we see Blizzard with more games than they have ever had before; this community exists to support the original idea we had in the beginning - dedication to cultivating the most epic entertainment experiences ever with Blizzard games. We will do this by offering the highest quality guides, tools, news, and more... Bold statements are met with bold visionaries, bold leaders, bold innovators, and with your help we can make the greatest fansite... ever. Tell your guilds, tell your friends, tell everyone.


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