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1 month ago
I love to game, never died yet with my Witch Doctor :D
Posted by: zL-Knight Alpha Member
1 month ago

Hello and Welcome to BlizzForge!

If you register right now you will get a limited edition member title!

We need editors and content providers! This could range from writing an article to streaming a game with the mention of our website. Development is constantly being done on the website; if you feel like you can help us out message us on discord or just post a reply here. Thanks!!!!

p.s. the Twitter answer is Durance Durance!

Posted by: Kevin Founder
Welcome! by Kevin
1 month ago | 2 post(s) | 264 view(s)
Hardcore Player Here by zL-Knight
1 month ago | 0 post(s) | 49 view(s)
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